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I created this site to help people with video encoding for the Roku Streaming Player, which supports video playback via the USB port or a media server such as PLEX. I use Handbrake for all of my encoding and my source files come from DVD and Blu-ray disc. I don't know if these settings will work if you are looking to re-encode avi's or wmv files.

I'm using Handbrake 0.9.9 with the latest version of AnyDVD HD or MakeMKV for all of my encodes. I use AnyDVD HD or MakeMKV to rip the video to my hard drive so that it is usable with Handbrake. This is much faster than trying to encode video directly from your optical drive. You will need some space on your hard drive for your files. How much depends on you and how long you would like to keep the original files on your hard drive. I would recommend a minimum of 120 gigs of space for DVD and 500 gigs for Blu-ray. More is better and it all depends on your needs.


The site has been updated for Handbrake 0.9.9. The settings have been shifted to thier own page and feature guides for creating original and tuned settings. The settings pages have recieved a much needed face lift with all new Handbrake 0.9.9 screen shots for MP4 and MKV containers. I added an Archive page to reference settings for past versions of Handbrake.

UPDATE: The preset pack is broken. The current version of Handbrake 0.9.9 was a complete rewrite of the previous GUI. Unfortunately, there are too many bugs in the current version that do not allow me to release a second pack that will work on all platforms. After many months of trying to get this to work, I'm putting the preset pack on hold and focusing on the instructional guides. Updates to follow.

Handbrake Settings 

These settings work with the official USB Media Player channel and the Direct Play option for PLEX. Click here to access the settings.

PLEX Media Server 

If you wish your movie collection could look more like the Netflix channel, then check out PLEX Media Server. You can retire the tired and boring interface of the USB Media Channel and move into a Netflix like interface with movie art and information. Click here to read more.

For those of you who have already discovered PLEX, but have not tried it on Roku, here is the good news. My DVD, 720p and 1080p settings work great with the Direct Play setting in PLEX, which means your server will use the least amount of power possible to serve video to your Roku. Yay for you.